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A: Home care provides seniors with one-on-one assistance from a trained caregiver in the comfort of his or her own home. With assistance from a caregiver, seniors are able to live at home independently and maintain their quality of life. The personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

A: Our rigorous caregiver selection process begins with testing and character references.  We have a unique training program designed to train caregivers with an emphasis on safety, technical skills and communication.  I

Our emphasis on providing long-term care from consistent, expertly matched caregivers ensures quality in care and maintains familiarity and emotional stability.

True Grace Care specializes in daily care, with caregivers providing assistance, monitoring and companionship around-the-clock.

Our proprietary True Care System is a functional approach to care based on the scientifically studied lifestyles of long living individuals. Our Cognitive support systemengages clients in fun and effective activities designed to promote long-term brain health.

With our daily care service, caregivers come in shifts and stay with the client around-the-clock, ready to assist with all activities of daily living and ensuring safety all hours of the day. 24/7 care provides service for those seniors who require close supervision at all times. Hourly care is typically provided at a minimum of four hours but is also available for more consecutive hours at a time.

Book readers, history buffs, pet lovers or sports fans available!  At True Grace we match shared interests, skill sets and additional training as needed to make sure we have the right fit for you and your family.

In addition to having excellent references our caregivers must meet certification and skills requirements as well as go through our in-house caregiver program before they are eligible to work with clients.

We always conduct thorough background checks including local and national criminal records, driving record checks and verify eligibility for employment and are fully insured, licensed and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

TrueGrace care works hard to bring peace of mind to families because your loved one is cared for by the very best, most reliable caregivers. On call to serve you 24/7, we consider ourselves a part of your team, not the other way around.

If your caregiver becomes ill or is unable to keep the scheduled visit, our staffing team will work to find you a qualified substitute caregiver. True Grace Care reduces stress for the whole family. Plus, our caregivers allow family members to enjoy quality time with their loved ones, instead of focusing on stressful daily needs.

Finally each family has it's own private portal on our website to track caregiver tasks, send and receive messages or manage the care of your loved one.

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